The something emporium

 The Something  Emporium




Have you ever noticed a strange Building shimmering in the mist ? There stood the Somewhere Emporium. The golden gate reflected your soul back into you. The tall lamp posts sparkled in the darkness whilst a dove flew and distracted you to a stand that is an unusual stand.


 A food stand that glowed with bright vibrant colours, smells and feelings . there was a skeleton munching on some french cheese whilst a glowing mist appeared until the door opened …..


Chapter 1 


And there little timmy entered , He saw glowing train tracks,purple elves and a man at a counter . “ Hello, what are you doing in my shop? “ A spotted albino dragon glided over his head . “You look a bit strange boy, where did you come from “ i came for a stroll !  In those old baggy ripped clothes . yes that what i afford my parents died 3 years ago. I’m sorry said the man as Timmy looked around .



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