The Everywhere Emporium

The Everywhere Emporium




There are multiple places you must not go, but there are multiple places you must go. The Everywhere Emporium was just like that. Even though there were loads of cool things in the windows, nobody dared to go in. Even though there were loads of toys in the window, nobody dared to go in. Even though there were loads of baked goods in the window, nobody dared to go in.


Nobody dared to go in because the person that run the emporium was very scary.


Chapter 1


Nobody dared to go in until today. Chad was walking down the street where the emporium was located, he stared at the open door and realized it was usually never open. Chad was very curious, so he ran like a speeding cheetah towards the door.


Once he entered the emporium, he started to examine his surroundings, there were loads of random objects scattered around the room. he saw pots of goop, cages of birds and piles of fancy light bulbs but what was the most interesting right now was a giant desk with a big bottle of rainbow liquid he approached it, and someone said “I see you have found my magic juice”

“Who said that”, Chad spoke into the darkness

“Me the shopkeeper” replied the shopkeeper.

The Shopkeeper was very tall and skinny, he also had a huge moustache that curled around his face like a tiny snake on his shoulder was a gigantic eagle that sat on his shoulder menacingly. Its size was half of Chad’s.

Chad was now very scared, and he wanted to go home so he quickly said “goodbye” and immediately dashed out of the door faster than a speeding cheetah.


Chapter 2


The next day, Chad came back to the shop and on the desk, there was a giant book that replaced the juice. “Don’t touch the book of secrets that is on my desk I’ll be back in ten minutes,” The shopkeeper said he disappeared down the corridor opened a door went inside and slammed it shut with his eagle following behind him.

“Ok I will not touch the book,” Chad replied, with an evil look on his face.

But staying curious, he opened the forbidden book straight away and immediately thousands of words and letters jumped out at him, he turned the old pages and saw loads of old pictures and stories.

Suddenly there was a pen in his hand, he started to sketch a forest of thick trees and a giant cottage and in it was loads of lovely warm food set on the table. Eventually, he stopped drawing in the book and decided to open the door that had just appeared in the corridor in front of him. To his surprise, it was not a room on the other side of the door but instead it was a forest of thick trees and a giant cottage just like his picture. He remembered that he had drawn food in the book, so he slowly started to walk towards the door with anticipation!

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