Wonders that lurk behind the door chapter two it can wait

Chapter 2 It can wait 

Later that day when Farren was playing with the animals and sorting out the books on the shelves when she forgot that she was supposed to buy milk and her dad will be worried about her, but she was sure it can wait 5 minutes. While she was cleaning the last of the litter’s trays, she heard Mrs smith muttering to herself. She secretly tiptoed and peeked out from the hole in the door. Farren caught a glimpse of bold writing in gold it was the red leather book that read the pet book of desires. This was her chance when Mrs smith left the room she could look inside the book. Mrs smith was writing something in the book suddenly a little kitten appeared it was ginger with white stripes on it. While Mrs smith was collecting something from her cupboard Farren had opened the book and took the feather and dipped it in the jet-black ink. she started writing repeatedly until she was finished without warning an enormous portal swallowed her up. She was falling into a hole until *thud*. Farren had landed on a white mattress in a garden of beautiful flowers of roses, pansies, dandelion clocks, tulips and many more flowers as they swayed in the breeze. The waterfalls crashed down onto the rocks and fish gracefully leapt out of the flowing stream and all sorts of mythical creatures. Surrounding Farren were little kittens’ different colours playing in the grass. Then suddenly out of the blue, a cat had snatched the book out of her hands and ran up a hill. Farren couldn’t see where the cat was as there was thick layer of fog she ran and ran but it grew thicker and thicker Farren dropped to her knees and tears ran down her cheek. How could she get back to the Emporium birds circled her and started to flap there wing and in a flash the fog was lifted In the distance she could see a small little cottage with grey smoke seeping out of the chimney and she could see the cat ahead!     


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