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Do you know what is inside the Disney Wonders Emporium? Well, the re are lots of magical rooms. There are princess rooms and one for every Disney movie ever made.  There is even one magical room with the Disney castle in it and it feels magical. But will Mr D get mad? 


Chapter 1 

Not long ago in France there was a nineteen-year-old girl called Belle. She liked Stitch, her favourite colour was yellow she had brown hair with blue eyes. Belle had loved Disney films ever since she was two.  

One day Belle went to Disneyland Paris and saw a job opening so of course she said yes, she would sign up for an interview. A few days later she had the interview, and she got the job. Belle was so overjoyed you would not believe how happy she was.  

At the interview, Belle met the owner of Disney.  His full name was Walter Elias Disney, but he said Belle could call him Mr D.  Mr D told Belle to come back the next day and that her first job was to be a director for the parade, so people didn’t get in the way of the floats. 


Chapter 2  

Mr D called Belle into his office and showed her an old book and told Belle do not right in the book the next day Belle found the book of wonders out and thought about the book and she thought one little thing won’t hurt the emporium, so she imagines what she wants then she decided to go to Aberdeen in Scotland  

 Belle disobeyed Mr D. Mr D saw her righting in the book and stopped her. 

Belle got told off and something bad happened a storm approached and every one that worked at Disneyland got sent home and told not to come back until the storm stops. 



Chapter 3 

Belle was curios why the storm just started she thought it was odd so that night she went to bed dreaming what will happen to the rides should I go check if anything is broken? Belle chose to go check because nobody would be there, so she snuck out of her house and headed to the rides. Belle thought someone was there because she heard a clank coming from her right, but she ignored it and carried on and went left heading to crusher’s coaster and she had a doubt it would be fixed bud when she got their Belle was shocked because it was fixed after that Belle checked every ride in that area and found that they were all fixed. There was only one ride left to check,” The runaway Mine Train” but it looked like someone got there before Belle as she did not recognise the person, she could see it was a boy but that’s all she could tell from the distance. When she got closer, she heard a faint voice say help then a clank, so Bell ran as fast as she could and saw someone squashed under the track Bell helped the person up and out of under the track. After that Belle said to the boy what is your name the boy said Celeb what’s your name the boy said. she said Belle so they became friends the storm stopped, and everyone came back to the park Belle spotted a glance of Mr D, and he was hedding there way oh no said Belle he is going to catch us. 


Chapter 4  

Mr D spotted a glance of belle and Celeb and ran to them to see wat was going on. When Mr D came over to them, he said broke my rule again Belle, I see you met Belle interrupts Mr D and said I already know him his name is Caleb right Caleb Belle said glancing at him. Mr D looks annoyed Belle came into Mr D office and explained why she was there, and Caleb had to explain too, and both of them felt ashamed Mr D told Belle that Caleb is made of magic Belle reaped after him in a surprised way. Belle he is not allowed out of France only with permission from Mr D and Caleb is my son said Mr D Really said Belle Yes Belle Caleb said. Although Mr D was not very happy with Belle and Caleb but the thought of coming to fix the park was kind. A few months later Belle wanted to go home to see her family, so she did after saying goodbye to all the staff and on her last day she got to meet stitch and her last day was the best day ever. 



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