Star-Invisible Mantis

Star-Invisible Mantis

The star-invisible mantis is one of the deadliest creature in the entire world.A team of biologists have been studying this creature.It’s so dangerous but they have made some extraordinary discoveries.Alternatively,some people already know about the star-invisible mantis.


The majority of star-invisible mantis that have been discovered.Has powerful claws that are very sharp.The mantis is so rare and hard to find.At night the mantis will become powerful and start cutting grass,insects and leaves for training.

Special Abilities:

The star-invisible mantis can turn invisible for 10 seconds and if predators make him angry.The mantis ambush predators.Squeeze through petite spaces and his claws can cut fruits,vegetables and grass.


Mantis eat carnivore food insects,spiders,frogs,lizards,small birds and other small animals.Surprisingly,mantis drink water drops from surface of plants and survive 4-6 months.mantis hate’s predators and snakes because they might attack him.


They live in tropical rainforest although they can be found in deserts,grasslands and meadowlands.Mantis live in Africa,North America,Canada,United States,Europe and Asia Nepel.They don’t live in South America or Australia because it’s too hot.Because they might die from the sun.

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