Moon-Swelling Moth

Moon-Swelling Moth 


The Moon-Swelling Moth is an insect, which is very rare. This moth was discovered in April and that was not that long ago. You could definitely say that this type of moth is very unique. Perhaps, you should read on and find out

 what it looks like. 




This abnormal creature is not like any other 

Moth ;it has moon hangers that hang down their wings.The majority of its scales are purple but they normally have these 4 spots that swell up when the moth feels threatened. They have horns that are 4 cm long. 


Special Abilities 


When this unusual moth gets frustrated its pupils grow bigger. This type of moth can stick its tongue out like a yoyo. It has venomous horns that will make you feel like you’re in a fire that’s scary. Studies show that they are allergic to apples, which is very weird. 

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