The flower- plant moth!

[The flower-plant -moth]

The flower plant moth has a very interesting appearance and ability. But it’s  very hard to spot a flower plant moth, especially in cold mornings. They like wrapping their tongue  around trees since they don’t really use their legs as much as other insects. Not only that but  they also stand out really well but blend into blossom trees to hide from dangerous predators.


Their appearance is very majestic, their pattern in the middle of their wings  is a shape of a planet and the colour changes every season, for example for summer it will turn orange. They also have beautiful flowers surrounding  the wings so it can blend in properly, sometimes while the insect is flying they drop petals  that fall down and dance in the breeze.


Sometimes if they need to defend themselves  they spit out very dangerous venom that can possibly make you collapse to the floor ..


The flower moth has different  behaviours depending on how you treat them. But most of the time they can be very aggressive depending how you treat them. If there was a dangerous being they would use their  vicious venom   to attack and defend themselves.


 Their diet is normally ladybirds, flys, or roses! They only eat that  type of food for energy  to fly , and they only eat 5 times a day! Since they need alot of energy!

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