The Beeafly

The Beeafly has became so endangered it is now very rare to come across it.But it’s very beautiful delicate creature.Scientists are trying to investigate more about them.


The purple wings glisten in the morning sunrise.It has one inteni and three legs .It is very fast it can also have sharp yellow claws.But really bent teeth.Clear wings,spider legs and no teeth!Some people ask how does it eat well keep reading to find out.


The Beeafly is only spiteful if ou scare it but other than that it is a beautiful creature to see!Even though,it is poisonous it is not dangerous it only wants to protect itself.


The Beeafly eats ladybirds and other insects.It also eats poisonous bugs but not snakes sometimes snake skin though.Did you know?that the Beeafly can go for 7 weeks without food or drink.


The Beeafly lives in wet places as in pounds rainforests.Sometimes on trees but most likely not.The Beeafly can live in multiple places.

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