The Tooth Bee-Long Nose

The Tooth Bee-Long Nose

The Tooth Bee-Long nose is a very beautiful insect because it is covered from head to toe in vibrant mixed colours.  Did you know that her name was originally taken from the normal bee? More humans say that she isn’t a normal bee, just because that’s her name doesn’t mean she is really a Tooth Bee – Long Nose. She is the queen of the Tooth Bees With Long Nose, so that makes her more special because all the bees must listen to her, she is also a little bit evil when you stole her food.

“The Tooth Bee” was discovered over a century ago.  Do you want to know more information about The Tooth Bee-Long nose? If yes, then read on. Maybe you will find what they eat, when they die and more nice things about that bee.


That be is very special, she even has black teeth she needs them because when someone will attack her, she cannot be hit by the other bee because the black teeth can protect her so the other bee will be hit when she is trying to hit the “The Tooth Bee – Long Nose!” Honestly! she got hit by TEN Bess and nothing happened after, the bee does not return because she fears what she sees.

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