Tropical Beetle

Tropical Beetle


New news! Home to the Tropical Rainforest,we have the Tropical beetle.A unique insect has entered the world, spreading wonders to millions.Especially researchers and scientists.Wouldn’t you like to know what dangers small things cause?


When first seen,it had all of the basic features of an insect,but when it was studied closer it’s known to have beady eyes – and witchcraft.After tests,scientists discovered this Tropical Beetle can hypnotise.When upset,it would squirt some liquid which is poisonous and toxic to the touch.To move of course,this beetle uses it’s thin legs wisely.How do we know this?Well to be exact these creatures have a smart brain.Every summer,it sheds old skin(leaves it) and grows new skin back.


As a herbivore,it will eat things such as leaves but also,as a unique creature it’s found nibbling trees and dirt.Thanks to its sturdy,strong legs, it builds its home to live in.

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