Splash land

Splash Land


Are you ever bored at the weekend? Is your life in need of fun and excitement? Will you be interested in the out of this world water park at Splash Land? If so, get yourself down here before 2pm where tickets will be half price for adults and kids go free.

Not only do we offer fun and excitement in the Splash land, but we also offer:

  • The yummiest food at our amazing luxury diner
  • We have a bar for adults only
  • Ice cream stalls that have the most fantastic ice cream
  • Luxury rooms that have very high views and used to be £1000 a night but it is £250 a night
  • Relax at the top of the building in our breath-taking infinity pool with an amazing pool bar

Numerous celebrities and football players come to our amazing hotel and water park. We have a shopping mall, and you can get lots of luxury items for free with your room card. We’re only open in summers and we only do this offer every 3 years. The location is in Spain, but you can get free airplane tickets and a luxury coach will pick you up and take you there. If you want to come, call 0756494876 or go on this website called www.Splashland.come to order your tickets.


“I had the time of my life here, best place I’ve ever been!” said Mr J Robinson of St Helens.

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