The Major-Wreck

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A creature called the major-wreck was sighted over Brandon Forest academy at 12:30 all the children in the school ran indoors to tell all the teacher’s about this creature! The teachers didn’t believe them as they had never seen them before. Every adult checked outside to see what the pupils were talking about. After they glimpsed at the major-wreck they ran in, while crying. The teachers contacted the children’s parents to come pick them safely and carefully. Everyone tried to search up this creature ‘What reason does the Major-Wreck fly into school?’ It answered that they want something specific like food (carrots,bread,water and paper) but this creature is so dangerous no one can stop them. The best thing to do is to: stay calm; turn all the lights off; be quiet; and just wait until it leaves. The Major-Wreck looks are: Pale wings; black, deadly eyes; a rainbow, fluffy tail; small(30cm). You want to be carefully with this creature because although it looks cute in my opinion you DO NOT want to mess with it, you can’t trust its tiny mouth because the bites can 100% lead to death, wings that set on fire when are touched and one more petrifying fact that be aware when you touch their tail, although it’s tempting they WILL bite you. The Major-Wreck mainly lives in the dark ends of forests.

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