Dear Diary

Wednesday 24th October 1982


Dear Diary,


Today started like any other as loud as a firework. What I did first was my to-do list. Then I got the children ready to go to school. Once I did that I cleaned the house for when the kids got home.Then I made sure to look my best since I started a new job. I wore a black suit and tie then put my hair in a bun. At eleven I left to get there for eleven thirty.


Iam now a scientist and work for a company called ‘Find to Research’ . As I walked in I was greeted by my manager( who was tall) and a few coworkers.They were all so nice and told me everyones names. The people I will be working with are called Annie, Liam and Noah. Our first task was to find out about dodos, woolly mammoths, Tasmanian tigers and black rhinoceros. I was assigned dodos there, very interesting animals. Did you know they were three-feet tall? Around twelve we stopped for an hour and a half. After that we went to a meeting with everyone to discuss what we found out. The meeting was an hour long and very boring.Once it finished we went out to the forest. 


We were searching the forest when I heard a loud screeching noise from behind me.But when I turned around nothing was there.What was that?

After ten minutes,  I heard it again! I saw it. There it was right in front of me. I took a picture and showed the others it looked like this.

Even though I showed them this they didn’t  believe me. 

“ Don’t be dumb Ava,” Annie told me.

Annoyed, we walked back.


When I got back I put the photo in google and it came up with facts but no name. The things it came up with is: This creature is very rare to see  therefore it has no name and the only thing we know is it comes out on the 24th october and runs away on the 2nd november. But there is one thing I do know is it hurts anyone that tries to touch him.

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