The harsh swinging slasher


There has been a new sighting spotted in the forbidden forest. A family went into the dark and gloomy woods for a walk and found an extremely rare sighting. They found the most dangerous and small creature that lives in the forest. This family believes that the creature they found is called the harsh swinging slasher. They took pictures of it and sent them to some scientists who have confirmed that it is called the harsh swinging slasher. Would you want to meet one? If you want to know what the harsh swinging slasher is like read on to find out more.



This beast has claimed to have razor sharp claws, that can kill animals in less than 2-3 minutes; disgusting yellow teeth, that can crush bones like its nothing; terrifying eyes that can spot food from miles away and they have a weird sort of pupil shaped like a snakes pupil; legs and arms that have the sharpest grip you have ever seen which makes them stick onto trees; teeth that as sharp as the blade of a rapier and wings that have very pointy ends that can stab its prey and then it will get stuck on the pointy bit so it has to carry it back to home.



The main thing it eats is sweets from little kids’ sweet buckets at Halloween in October; but sometimes it will eat: meat, human flesh, other animals, other animals flesh or it will chew on bones for fun. If the children refuse to give this creature sweets it will get very angry and use its teeth and claws to create big holes and scratches in their sweet buckets and steal the bucket but because it has holes in the bucket most of the sweets fall out of the bucket before it gets home. Most days it will come home covered in blood. 



The harsh swinging slasher will live in an animal’s body or fur or flesh to keep it warm. Sometimes it sleeps in trees  and uses bark or leafs as a blanket, in the ground but they rarely do because there too scared to get stood on or it will sleep on a tree and use its wings as a blanket.

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