Breaking News about Bats

Breaking News!

There are some minacious bats around Brandon as they take over the signs around the town and on the top of the big Christmas tree, they take over by going on the top of the star that can light up when it’s nighttime. 

The bats can go up to some stores and practise their flying and attack some people to make them feel scared and shocked at the same time and can bite. 

In the stores, bats don’t just demolish glass objects on the shelfs, they just fly around them and look at the brand and try their best not to let people trip by objects (from a shelf) on the floor that can be a little slippery when it’s wet with a caution sign. 

They can drink water on the ground, but not on people’s water bottles and they don’t drink sparkling water, they only drink still water. 

So stay safe and don’t let bats come to your area! 

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