Dear Diary, Today at my school there were dragons!

Dear Diary,
Today at my school there were two types of dragon that I never saw but I knew what they were called. One of them was a baby Hydra and the other one was a baby Leviathan. They were very cute but as you know they are very dangerous as well. We had to hide until I saw blood dripping from are teachers arm everyone was scared except from me I went out of the hiding spot I felt so brave and I tried my best to tell the two dragons to leave us alone because we didn’t do anything to them I closed my eyes and when I opened them to my surprise they actually listened to me and suddenly everyone came out and started shouting, “YOU ARE A HERO!”  “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?”  I answered just believe in yourself.
I was so happy and we even had a party at the end of the day. It was super fun and after that we all went home with so much to say to their parents about what happened today at school.

Student of the school,
Charlie Duke.

P.S. Pls if you see dragons just be brave it’s the best thing to do this might even happen to you once Good Luck.

These are some things I saw: Blood dripping from my teacher’s hand; I saw fire burning in the classroom and the worried faces of people getting scared.

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