News report on recent events


This torturous                                                         Here we have a 

Creature was                                                          few words from 

spotted at 7:35                                                       her neighbour. 

precisely at a                                                          “It was like small 

house within                                                           dragon feasting 

West Mexico                                                           on a mouse’s 

In the state of                                                          guts!” and the 

Jalisco                                                                     next further 

Downing drive.                                                        Incident. “I                                                                                                       

Number 47.In                                                          reckon it should 

there drive any                                                        be terminated

Further reports                                                        and extinct.

Must be known.                                                      


So the most       

intel gathered     One of the recent reports include a tragic event

Is the recent       where a chunk of a tire was recently devoured 

Reports like:       but a cocoon nests and a small puffy tail creeps 

The vandalised    out. Do keep your windows closed as its highly

Be hive,camera   capable of biting your child’s body parts 

Footage, the       instantly in need of an ambulance. The next

Marks from a      event was camera footage leaving precisely

dead cats blood   cut trees in half many complaints of car 

But luckily it ate   wreckage.

the tracker that

 remained in 

The cats neck              wrote by Sam table head of

                                    News department.    

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