The Enchanted Emporium

Does the day seem to drag on? Is your weekend dreary and uninteresting? Well, the Enchanted Emporium should be the perfect attraction for you! You can go from discouraged and doubtful to feeling like a whole new person! Are you eager for one of the best experiences of your lifetime? Come today for extremely cheap entry prices!

We will offer you anything you could dream of such as:

  • Various rooms full of magical wonders
  • Delectable treats and wonderous restaurants
  • Amazing attractions, wonderful waterparks and super shows from midday onwards

Weekdays are at half price for only £2 per person. And, what’s more, kids go FREE! However, if somehow, you don’t enjoy your experience, refunds are accepted! You would never want to leave our Enchanted Emporium. The theme park is located around the corner of the restaurants and complementary accommodation is outstanding! Everything you could imagine is on offer like our:

  • Unimaginable worlds that only you could dream of in the real world
  • Adventurous attractions for any age
  • Anything you would ever want or desire

Our staff will welcome you with a kind-hearted smile and raffle tickets are on sale to win another free trip here to our Enchanted Emporium. By two get one free!

“Where all your dreams come true,” quoted Mr. B George, a delighted customer.

  1. Lifetime guarantee
  2. Unforgettable moments
  3. 5-star reviews from several visitors


Opening times:


  • Mondays to Fridays- 10:00-18:00
  • Weekends- 09:00-17:00
  • Find us just on the M27 on Belvedere Road,

Widness, WN4 8RX

Call us today or visit our website to email our company at The Enchanted Emporium awaits!






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