Chapter 1

It was a cloudy day in January. The fog floated round the corner in Troon. The light when out at exactly 3.00 am the very strong wind was blazing round corners.


Monica Mcdonald ignored the very strong wind. She was staring at the checkpoint he was very nervous to go up to the checkpoint, he pulled his coat closer and looked at the floor.


He could see the soldiers standing there in  brick little building,  “Next” Yelled the guard, stamping his feet, He pulled out his sword

 Then she handed over her pass to the guard “where do you think you are going little boy?” He yelled, While giving Monica a very dark stare.


” I’m just dropping off some tools for my dad ” Monica replied, Smiling as best as he could. The guard smelling her breath.


One moment later, Monica was walking through the top of the town,

Then she heard some people taking talking down a dark Alloway, then she walked down it. Then out of nowhere she got grabbed by a man with a ski mask and all black clothes, “you’re coming with me he said !” and then she got took into a dump. Then they heard a howl, then a white and fluffy the animal came out from the shadows and ran at the guy in the ski masks he threw me up in the air and the wolf caught me as I was falling.


And then I said ” thank you so much for catching me ” then the wolf replied ” no problem ” ” wait you can talk?”  ” only for you he whispered ”  ” you need to get out of here because that guy will get the guards so we better go. 

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