Chapter 1

It was a cold and sunny afternoon in December. The snow was now turning into slush, while the beaming sun made shadows hide. 


 Jamie Jackson’s boots where being filled by slush, as he strolled down the alley-way. He was trying to see through the bright beaming sun to look at his checkpoint, but the sun just ignored her. He un-buttoned his grey duffle coat to feel the heat from the sun. 


He could see a tall black figure checking peoples passes, sending some of them through the silver speared gate where all the proper markets and tall houses stately stand, and some back down the steps to the little markets and bungalows. 


As he got closer, he could see everyone perfectly. He was now standing on the bottom step, as soon as he heard, “Next! “yelled the guard, clapping his hairy hands together to get people’s attention. He held out his hand to Jamie, and he handed his pass to the guard. He turned the key round in the big golden gate, and let him through.  


Now he was walking through the upper town. Here the streets where cleaner and wider, lampposts where glistening in the sunlight and people were chatting loudly not caring about the people around them. Jamie wished he was like the people here, but he knew it would never happen. 


He took a short cut through a dark alley, where the shadows where tall and spooky, and he passed a group of teenagers that where whispering into each other’s ears. He kept his head high and his back straight, just like his parents taught him to.  


He walked passed thinking they wouldn’t notice him but they did. And one of them started walking towards him and the others watching and giggling. 


“I’ll take that!” He said, grabbing his little parcel nicely wrapped in brown paper. Then he added, ” and any cash you have!” Jamie stood on his foot and ran off down the alley but hadn’t realised it was a dead end. 


The teenagers all walked like gangsters towards him slowly. Jamie stayed where he was frozen in fear. But then, he realised he was on a doorbell and one moment later the door opened and shut and he was inside. 

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