Chapter 1

Chapter 1 

It was a dry summers evening. The sun blazed through the gaps between

buildings and reflected against the windows, but in the darkened alley-ways

shadows grew to haunt you. 


James flipped his hat round. He could hear the laughter from the beach as

he jogged across Bentick Drive. The street was packed with people that had

been sent back from the checkpoint, he thought to himself hoping he would

get passed. 


He could see the guard that stood at the gate between the lower class town

and the higher class town which was where all the big houses were. 


“Next,” grumbled the guard, snatching James’ passport off him. His eyes

we’re scanning the pages as his chubby fingers flipped through the book.

“Where are you off to, boy” he snapped at James.


“I’m delivering a parcel to a costumer for my dad,” James murmured,

smiling harder than he ever had. The guard nodded his head and

opened the gate.


A few minutes later, James was walking past the huge houses that lined

the packed streets. Here the streets were much bigger and the

shops much nicer. There were places like Blueberry and louis Vuitton.


Going down an alleyway, James flipped his hat back round as hknew people

are much more formal here and would give him strange looks.


He swung round the corner of the street. It was starting to get dark

and James thought of his Dad saying get back as fast as he could.

He started running fast down the street.


He stopped for a break. At the corner of his eye he saw a man in a

black cloak, He was coming fast and swiftly towards him. James started

to run, but the person in the black cloak wasn’t getting any slower. 


He ran down a dark and empty alley-way. “I think I’ve lost him,” 

he muttered to himself. But at that moment someone had

grabbed his shoulder.” Stop right there young man,” James turned

around to see you had said it. It was the man in the cloak.





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