Chapter 1

It was a sunny summer evening in July. It heated up the beach and the ocean. A few spots had stayed dark, killing the light mood for anyone who got in the area.


Jordan Walsh ignored the darkness and focused on the light. He was looking at the checkpoint. He unzipped his hoodie and started to cool down before walking away from Church Street.


He could see a worker smoking checking passes, shoving most people away from the gate between the town and the rest of Troon, where all the shops stood.


“Hurry up boy! My shift is nearly over!” roared the worker in a deep voice, blowing smoke into Jordans face. He held out an ashy hand and Jordan passed the ID and showed the package in his backpack. “Where are you heading, son?” He asked as he stared in Jordans nervous eyes.


“I’m taking some letters to some parents for the school” Jordan replied, smiling as hard as he could. The worker puffed and nodded his head.


A minute later, Jordan was walking through the lower town. Here the streets where thinner, street lights shined as people ran along the like there was no turning back. How Jordan wishes he done that when he was there age.


Taking a shortcut down Bentick drive, Jordan put his hood up afraid to catch anyone’s sight. “Hood up, be polite” his mums voice echoed in his mind.


He turned down a corner and some random guy started staring at him, rapidly approached him and pushed him into the shadows.


The man steels his wallet as he said “what’s in here” he slowly opened it “come on! Fine, your package there As well.” He said, Jordan Punched the man in the face and ran away he turned a corner into a brick wall it was a dead end!


The man’s shadow got bigger and bigger as he got closer and closer. It seemed like he had nowhere to go. The he noticed an open door behind a few bin bags, A minute later he had no time to lose, He dived in the building.

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