Chapter 2 the creature.

Outside, The wind blows like a leaf falling off a tree. Inside, Muhammad ran around the warehouse looking for a hiding spot. Glass shattered on the floor , wood burned with coal trying to escape and the chairs were sleeping.To his horror, he saw the widows shut and the doors closed. HE WAS TRAPPED!!!


Behind him, stood the man with a silver pistol in his hands.Muhammad was confused and worried. Until something roared as powerful as a rocket launch. There was a big horrifying shadow, 4 fierce legs and 10 sharp teeth. Its shiny red eyes flew in front of Muhammad and opened his mouth glaring at the man.


It was massive. Massive and Goldy yellow. At that moment Muhammad finally found out that he was standing next to a Lion! It ran through the man like a buffalo and roared proudly. Muhammad didn’t know what to do as he just glared at the man flying. Muhammad was worried and grateful.


The Lion looked behind and fell on the floor. He saw that he was harmed. A pile of blood and glass dripping all over his back. He was shy and scared because he had never seen or been next to such a big Lion before. He was feeling very warm and hurt watching the redness grow and drip.


They looked at each other and Muhammad knew he needed to do something. The afraidness had started to leave his body and took a step forward. The Lion crawled a bit forward as well and quietly roared, his mouth slowly opened and started to lick Muhammad softly. His eyes opened like an earthquake beginning. He saw friendship and peace.


Then the most confusing thing ever happened,he spoke! A silent voice coming from below. It was a voice of glass and metal.”Your my only hope, please,” he worriedly cried.

“We must work together to find the upsidedown.


Muhammad looked at the Lion, his smile going up like he knew what the Lion said. He knew that he couldn’t say no to keep this huge Lion safe.

“They are coming to watch you back,” informed the Lion, “ We better hide fast.”


Half an hour later, Muhammad and the Lion had been strolling around the old house by ballbround alley. No one went there. There was a rumor that if you say Lion 3 times Ghost will haunt you for the rest of your life. He was watching the bikers cycle around. The Lion went to the corner and slept. Muhammad looked after him.

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  1. nice story I like your animal

  2. amazing words!

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