chapter 2

Outside, a coldness in the darkness over the hill there was shine.

So eve went to check what it was it was a very old home no one  went close to the home because

They when scared to go in. But eve was not a scared. So she went in but it smelled really bad .


And behind her, was an old woman who was a ghost and she looked at Eve and whispered in her ear to get out before she gets killed so Eve ran to the door and tried to unlock it but it was stuck.



Five minutes later the door opened but it was all long grass so she ran through the grass superfast 

but when she made it home  no one was there so she waited and waited for a whole day! 

When she went down to watch tv she heard a noise in the kitchen and went to check what it was. 



And nothing was there so she went back to watch tv, but soon she heard another noise. 

But it  was In the bedroom this time so she ran superfast  but nothing was there 

So she stayed there and waited and waited until the door opened and no one was there 



Wene a big shadow ran past her she saw the colour black pink and purple eve ran to her bed room and locked the door after five hours she heard a knock at the door so eve went to go  check what it was 

It was her mom and dad she was so happy to  them eve asked them were they were but they did not answerer her so she was wondering why they did not tell her




So  eve left the home without telling theme again she went to the park and then she saw a big monster 

Behind the trees and it was very very big and she was horrified so she went back home horrified 

She toled her mom and dad and her mom and dad didn’t Cera


Eve went to her room and started crying and she said to herself I am strong  and I am not scared

So she went back and it was not there so she stayed for 2 hours but she was hungry so she went 

To the supermarket  



Eve forgot she had no money left in her pocket so she asked someone for money to eat 

And every one said no but she heard a Wisper in her ear to come to costa and I will buy you 

Something so she went there but it was closed and someone was following her to her home


After she made it home she went inside  the man was still standing there for a day 




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