Chapter 2

Chapter 2 


Outside, the rain battered against the windows 

and thunder rumbled overhead. Inside, Monica

tip-toed through the abandoned building, 

looking hopelessly for somewhere to hide. 

Rubbish scattered, old wood stacked at crazy 

angles and scrap equipment lay scattered.


Behind her, the strange man stood creepily in 

the shadows, a shiny knife glittered in his hand.

Monica gulped…


… but at that second, something hissed, louder 

than bells ringing. Out of the darkening shadows,

Not one but two green eyes appeared, a flash 

of detailed fur and sharp white teeth. Whatever 

it was, bolted past Monica and stood tall between 

her and the man.


It was huge and had a pattern along it’s back. 

Monica realised that she was standing beside a 

Massive Maine Coon. It stepped back and 

meowed loudly. In that moment, the man had 

made a run for it. Monica stayed embedded to 

the spot, shook by fear.


The Maine Coon turned and sat in front of Monica, 

resting his head on the ground. She could see that 

he was wounded. A swipe of red ran across his 

side. She has never been so close to a huge creature 

before. He could smell the damp walls and watched 

as his fur rippled.


They glazed intently at each other and Monica felt 

that he was sizing her up, seeing deeper and deeper 

into her very being. But, her fear began to fade 

and held out her hand. He leaned his head forwards 

and sniffed. Then licked her skin, with a pink 

sandpaper tongue. His eyes glazed with warmth. 

He could see kindness but also a dip of sadness.


It was then he spoke. A low, crumbly voice that 

seemed to jump from the ground itself. It was a 

voice of worriedness and rain. “I need your help 

now,” he slowly said. “We must find the gates.”


Monica stared back, her head nodding as if she 

Understood. She knew that moment she would 

do anything to protect this huge, beautiful creature.

Anything. “They will be back” said the Maine Coon,

“so I must hide.”


Half an hour later, Monica and the cat had crept 

through the streets, down to the old school by the 

seaside. No one had ever dared to enter there. 

Rumour had it that the ghosts of the spirit haunted

the building but that last summer Monica had 

made an entry. She often sat inside watching the 

dolphins flash across the water’s edge. The cat curled 

up in a dark corner and slept. Monica kept watch.

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