Outside, the rain powered down with a loud growl. Inside, Ruaridh searched  through the abandoned warehouse to find   somewhere to hide as he rushed around the building. Old rusty boxes were scattered around everywhere, as doors had been eaten by moss and mold, rats were squeaking loudly. To his belief, there was not a single way out except from the place he came in. He was stuck.


Behind him,  the creepy man in the shadows, the dagger shining in his tough hands. Ruaridh gasped…


… but at that instant, something purred, louder than cats. Out of the shadow, not one but two blue eyes appeared a flash of white and knife like teeth. Whatever it could be , it stood strong in the middle of the man and Ruaridh.


It was humungous. Black and white. Ruaridh realised he was standing beside a  fierce snow tiger  it opened its wide mouth and growled loudly as a thunder storm. In that second the man had disappeared. Ruaridh stood in shocked fear.


The snow tiger knelt Infront of him, she looked up at Ruaridh as she limped to the other corner of the room. As blood raced down her leg and back, Ruaridh’s heart sunk in sadness as he felt so bad. As the scent of the tiger fluttered into his nose as it smelled like blossom trees.


They looked back at each other and Ruaridh felt like she was making him feel better about stuff he wouldn’t want to think back too. Ruaridh held out his hand as the tiger licked it slowly. He could see the power of kindness in her eyes as Ruaridh got a flash of her disappointment in herself. 


At that moment she spoke loud and clear saying “I now need your help,” as she turned around to show a long pointy arrow that had cut through her body as it was pocking out off the other side. Ruaridh gasped in shock. As he pulled it out the snow tigers eyes she opened her mouth to whisper “we must now find the gateway fast,”


Ruaridh looked back as if he understood what the gateway was. He realised in that moment he had to protect this creature away from danger. “I must hide,” exclaimed the tiger walking around the warehouse to find a safe place.


Ruaridh followed after him as they kept walking and found an old large shed standing in the distance. As they walked closer he remembered about the rumours of the old family who had turned into ghosts, but as soon as the snow tiger noticed his fear Ruaridh couldn’t feel it anymore it had disappeared. As the snow tiger curled up in a corner Ruaridh kept watch.

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