Chapter 2



As she looked about she saw a window. 

Outside thunder crackled and lightning 

sparked through the clouds so flashy and bright.

Searching desperately to get away.

To her disbelief, she was trapped and  there was no way out.  



Behind him the robbers knife glimmered in despair

Grace gasped in shock.


But from the darkness a growl more powerful than 

 A storm not one but two pairs of furry ears appeared then came the face peering out of the dark with black stipes as dark 

As the night sky. Whatever it was it stood between grace

And the robber.


It was huge and white grace then realised in front of her was a snow leopard. Roaring the robber began to run. Grace then was petrified on the spot standing still with fear.



The snow leopard knelt down and lay it head on a cardboard box.

She saw he was wounded. she had never been so close to a huge creature like this before. He could smell a dusty yet rusty sent coming from the animal as he watched her lick her wounded tail.


They stared at each other for a while and grace felt her  unhappy side eye. Grace held out her hand and the snow leopard leaned her head 

towards it she could see she was kind but also unhappy.


It was then was then she spoke. 

It was a high pitch cartoon voice like ones you see on TV

“I need your help” she said we must find the exit. 


she knew she had to do everything in her power to protect this 

Furry worker.

“they will be back” she said we have to hide and quick.


They curled up in the corner of the room.

While the snow leopard fell asleep while  Grace sat 

By her to keep watch.


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