grizzly bear

Outside, the dark rainy sky flashed as the lightning struck, Inside Jhon scuttled inside the old abandoned warehouse To find a place to hide, old fishing nets lay littered on the rotted dock, rusted nails sit discarded on the building side and old crab nets lined the walls to his dismay he could not find another exit he was trapped. No way out.

Standing Infront of him, the scary man laughed at the doorway, a musket shining in his hands Jhon cowered…

…but that same moment, something growled, angrier than a bull charging. Out of a dark cage not one but two massive furry fists, in a flash of brown and a slash of white something barged in between Jhon and the man.

It was huge and brown. Soon Jhon had realised he was standing next to a huge grizzly bear. It stood on its hind legs and roared. At that time Jhon felt like concrete not able to move paralyzed by fear.

The bear turned toward Jhon and sat down next to him, resting its head on a crab net. He could tell it was extremely hurt. A scar ran along its back. He had never seen such a huge animal. He could smell rotted greenery as he watched its claws retract.

They stood and stared into one another’s eyes Jhon felt as if the bear was studying him. But he started not to feel fear towards the bear and put out his hand. The bear leaned forward and smelled him. Then it hugged him softly. Its eyes boiled like a kettle but Jhon could only see kindness and sadness.

It was at that moment that the bear spoke. A deep and strong voice that seemed to spring from the depths of hell itself. It was a voice of rock, fire and wind. ” you need to help me now!” The bear said desperately “we must find the doorway.”

Jhon stared in disbelieve, his head nodding like he knew what was happening. At that moment he decided to protect this bear with his life. “they will come back again” whispered the bear “so I must run!”

Only half an hour later they had snuck by the streets, down to the old timber yard in fray lane. No one had gone there in years it was suppose to be haunted. But Jhon never cared as he often stayed there during the day and watched the fish flop on the shore. The bear found some sawdust in a conner and fell asleep well Jhon watch

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