Chapter 2

Outside, the rain poured and the sky was grumbling above. Inside, Zoe strolled through the abandoned hut, searching desperately for a place to hide. The old walls were crumbling down and the roof had a hole in the middle of it. The floor was rotten but it was good enough for her.To her shock, she was awaited by the beggar, shutting down her only way out. She was trapped.


Behind her, the beggar stood illuminated in the entrance, a knife smiling like a sunny day or like the beggars grin from eye to eye. Zoe gasped…


Instantly, something stomped, as loud as a boulder smashing onto concrete. Appearing from the shadows, two beady eyes 


It was monstrous. Huge and grey. Zoe realised she was witnessing a wild elephant. It chucked its weight on the floor standing loyal to Zoe. By that moment the man had been knocked out . Zoe froze to the spot with fear.


The elephant turned and sat in front of Zoe. She could see that she was wounded. A load of blood ran across her shoulder .  The beggar had gotten her. He could smell an earthy smell as mud covered her body and her skin was ripped across her shoulder.


Zoe stared intensely at her eyes feeling safe whenever she saw them. 

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