Chapter 2

Outside, a jagged claw of thunder exploded over the sky and lightning snarled above. Inside, Luna lurched down the deserted building, locating desperately for someplace to hide.                                                                Old timbers leaned at insane positions, decayed crates piled high and got rid of machinery piles lay dispersed, to her horror, she could just make out that there was no way out. She was trapped.  

Behind her, the unexpected man, who was bold and scary, stood brightened in the hallway, a sharp, long knife in his hand.      Luna gasped… 

…But at that short time, something growled, deeper than thunder. Out of the shadows not one but two bright red eyes appeared, a flash of brown and whitest teeth. whatever it was burst past Luna and stood between her and the man. 

It was huge. Huge and brown. Luna noticed that she was standing beside a massive bear! It threw back its slick head and growled. At that moment, the man had fled. Luna stood rooted to the spot paralysed to the spot. 

The bear turned and sat down in front of Luna resting her head on the ground. She could see that she was Wounded. A gash of red ran across her side. She  had never been so close to such a huge creature before. She could smell an earthy, musty scent and watched as her pelt of brown fur silked across her back.


They stared intensely at each other and Luna felt that she was sizing him up, seeing deeper and deeper into her eyes. But her fear began to vanish and she held out her hand. She leaned her head backwards and let her stroke her. Then she licked her face with her scratchy tongue.

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