Chapter 2

“Hey!”Said the guard in a sharp voice. “What are you doing here?” The guard assumed with a stare. As the lightning struck down on the abandoned village. Adam got shocked so he went to do a investigation in the abandoned village. As he examined the abandoned village he saw something in darkness . The guy that was staring at him was weird. He was limping like a zombie and darted away. Adam went to spy on the zombie person. Adam thought to himself am I Hallucinating? What Adam didn’t realise it was all a trap. He headed to  where the man was and that man had a machete in his hand waiting to pounce at Adam. The monster saw Adam and Adam saw the monster. The zombie was chasing him and Adam dashed quickly to get animal pounced at the guy saving Adam from death. Adam looked at the creature and in a flash the creature darted away. It didn’t reveal its identity. Whatever the creature was its danger to humans. Adam was determined to find out its identity. He went to the woods because that’s where the creature could be. After searching Adam heard a growl in the distance and claws digging into the ground. It was emerging from the shadows with orange gloomy eyes. It was a frumious livid CHEETAH!!

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