The Ancient Arctic Beast

Outside, A slash of lightning burst across the starry night sky, 

Benjamin saw piles of books scattered across the abandoned factory floor, 

He felt like reading them all, He knew he should continue but before he did he picked up a book and hid it in the depths of his bag and bolted to the other room of the factory, 

He staggered through the metal scraps and boxes hoping to find something to defend himself with or at least a place to hide,

but to his surprise the thief had already found him. 

He stood at the doorway, a knife glinting in his hand. 

The man pointed the Murderous dagger like tool straight at Benjamin. He closed his eyes hoping this wouldn’t be his last breath.

He hadn’t noticed before but it was darker in the room than he thought, 

He hadn’t even noticed the eyes  like the galaxy behind the man, until now.

A claw bigger than Benjamin’s own leg reached out to the robber. 

A set of teeth rose out of the darkness.

The only thing he saw was a splat of blood around the room 

turning almost everything red in the room.

An Arctic fox as large as Benjamin walks out of the darkness.

Benjamin was stunned he didn’t know what to say until it talked.

“Your welcome” it said in a squeaky yet rough voice.

“Thank you?” He replied

“You should leave before his friends find you, I can hear them outside but don’t tell ANYONE that I exist or the world will no longer exist” she demanded.

Benjamin bolted through the back door but somehow he still knew he would visit once more.

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