Chapter 2

Adam fled through the rain in the dusk searching for a hiding spot. The enraged wind howled on Adam while he scattered frantically for a place to hide at. Desperately he searched for a place to hide. There! He bolted to the abandoned building. Just then when Adam plunged straight in the building, the door slammed on him. “SOMEBODY HELP ME!” screamed Adam at the top of his lungs. He was trapped and horrified. His heart  leapt into his throat. He was traumatised. There were broken windows and cobwebs scattered all around him. Right in the corner a chair was rocking without anyone rocking it. Only a few moments later the two thieves burst in through the door. “You made a BIG mistake trying to run away from us!” yelled the thief. Suddenly Adam heard a plank on the floor creaking in the corner. It wasn’t the robbers it was by something or someone else. In an instant a powerful roar erupted out from the darkness. The two men fled from the building screaming so loud that can deafen someone. Adam couldn’t run, fear froze him to the spot. After that he saw orange and black fur for a millisecond. What was that?

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