Outside thunder and lightning scattered across the sky. All Adam heard overhead were roars and rain dripping down from lamp posts. Adam staggered through litter that was thrown on the ground. He was searching for a hiding spot while his feet was shaking in fear. Finally about 3 minutes later he found somewhere between two tall buildings, but there was one problem it was a small gap and he had no time to change his spot! Around him cobwebs hung above him, looming shadows around him and overgrown moss. A bubble of fear surrounded him. Suddenly a noise of violence got his heart pumping and ready. This evil man caught onto where Adam was hiding! His blade glistened in the darkness with blood dripping down the man’s blade, Adams heart skipped to beat knowing his time was up once and for all. It’s even worse knowing he can’t escape because he wouldn’t have time to quickly climb over the long wall otherwise he would attack faster, but it wasn’t over. All of the sudden a enormous shadow growled, the shadow of an animal that’s giant. The creature snarled and growled like it was about to attack its prey! Suddenly, from behind, a mythical animal leaped on all four paws in front of Adams own eyes! All he could see was the form of this creature, he could only see the eyes and nose and face when lightning struck from in the darkness…

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