Chapter 2

Darkness surrounded Olly so much that his eyes couldn’t adjust to the darkness. The wind sliced through Olly’s Coat like it was enraged at him. Then he found an abandoned building across the street, he plunged into the abandoned building knowing they would follow him. When he entered he glanced back and he saw three shadows in the doorway they were here. They were here, there was no way out. Olly was trapped in this abandoned building. There were knives scraping on the walls. At that moment the three coming closer, they are here. Olly was worried his heart was frozen with fear and terror. The shadows above him made a growl then there was a cold blue eye blinked. With one minute lightning clapped the animal leaped out of the darkness the grey dusty animal stood between Olly and the three men the animal growled making the three flee Olly said thank you said with love the fox said” thank you guardian!” she bellowed guardian what did she mean “I’m no guardian what do you mean?”

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