Chapter 2

 Jack shot off like the wind! Lightning flashed like a light  Bulb being turned on and off. People looked surprised. Soon the path became rocky. Suddenly he tripped. he landed in the corner of a garbage site shattered windows, mouldy cupboards and broken tables. Rotten Wood lay on the floor. The man loaded his rifle. Was it was over for Jack? A few heart stopping moments later he saw two eyes, the eyes blinked. Suddenly something pounced! Glistening teeth glowed like the moon. Yellowish in colour. An orange mane around his head. And cat’s like claws. At that time he roared a roar as loud as dinosaurs, that roar can be heard from mars. At that moment the man dashed off in thunderous streets of London. Jack was about to sprint off with him too but he couldn’t. “Hello there I am a lion” Jack was very confused. “A lion but there extinct how is this even possible!” He exclaimed

“I am the only lion and I must survive or we WILL be extinct.” The lion replied. Eventually Jack noticed a wound on the lion’s leg. 

“I want you to be alive I want you to survive I will do anything for you” Jack tried to sound serious but couldn’t keep the excitement out of his voice. 

“Ok” the lion roared.

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