Chapter 2

Outside, a jagged threat of lighting crackled across the sky, as thunder growled overhead. Darkness was now descending…

Inside, Adam was desperately searching for a way out of this dusty, abandoned, ancient old building. At that moment, he realised that he was trapped! Abruptly, he plunged into the darkness, as rusty antiques, from years ago, scattered onto the floor and broke into tiny pieces. Adam was quite cold, probably because of the barricaded windows that let all the rain in. To his dismay, the rain had now soaked his brand new jumper. Adam’s hope faded… 

The discarded metal looked as if it were to fall over, too.

But luckily for Adam it didn’t. A deafening silence flew through the air… Suddenly Adam caught a glimpse of a shadow leaping out of the corner of the room! As he glanced up, two brown – orangey eyes mysteriously emerged out of the darkness… 

The shadow was now more illuminated in the pitch black room.

A flash of yellow – gold fur stepped between Adam, as the mysterious serpent threw back its shaggy head and roared, louder than thunder! All four paws between Adam made his jaw drop in shock when he that the “something” that he realised actually a Lion! Suddenly someone else’s shadow had been illuminated in the darkness as well…. And they were holding a glinting knife in their hand…. Just then, Adam realised that the reason the lion pounced between him was because of the attacker!

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