Chapter 2 – The mysterious creature

Chapter 1

Jamal ran and ran but only found himself in front of a stone wall. The man’s silhouette drew closer to Jamal, flaming eyes filled with greed and anger. He then spotted a rubbish bin and jumped inside.


Chapter 2 – Mysterious creature


Outside, rain poured and clouds rumbled, spreading over the grey sky. Inside, Jamal desperately ran through the rusty building in need for somewhere to hide. Pillars leaned and tilted towards the abyss. To his disbelief, he could just see that there was no way out he was imprisoned.


A few metres away, Jamal could make out the silhouette of the man along with a glinting knife. Jamal lost words…..but at that moment, something grumbled, deeper and louder than streaks of lightning. Out of the darkness, two fiery amber eyes rose, a flash of gold sprang and the sharpest of teeth. Whatever this creature was, it was now standing between Jamal and the armed man.


It was large, a man-eater, a meat-chomper. Jamal realised that he was standing behind a massive lioness!

It flipped it’s head and roared. Within the blink of an eye the man fled. Jamal stood stunned.


The lioness turned and sat down beside him, resting her head on a rock. He could spot that she was badly wounded. A strip a blood ran down her back. He had never been this close to an animal like this. He could smell a meaty, tender scent.


They stared at one-another with emotion in their eyes. His fear and shock began to fade into understanding. Jamal then held out his hand. She gradually leaned her head forward and sniffed. Then licked his hand with her jaggy, rough tongue. Her eyes twinkled like stars at night guiding you to destiny. He could see affection but a hint of sadness.


It was then she opened her mouth and spoke. A sweet and gentle voice. “I really need your help now,” she whispered softly. “We need to find the gateway.”

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