the mystery

Sumit pops out and runs to an old tattered rustic and collapsing building and when he gets there he turns round to the door and the robber bangs him on the head with a frying pan and Sumit wakes up and thinks he’s hallucinating because he sees a long legged red creature above the robber’s head and see’s blood drip on the robber’s head and the robber looked up and the creature hugged his face like a face hugger from alien to his cowardness pulled it off and ran and ran and Sumit started said “please don’t hurt me you wall crawler”


The creature got closer and closer and started saying “it’s fine I only hurt wrong doers and said I’m a Japanese spider crab” and Sumit took a look and it was a crimson red colour and was at least 2 foot and had 2 legs cut of and they were spewing out blood and the crab said “it’s not sore it will be fine soon and he said we need to hide people are looking for me” and Sumit said “I have a place you could hide” and then Sumit put the crab in his bag and walked to an abandoned house and rested there for the night


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