Chapter Two

Outside the weather was miserable, thunder growled, not only tha, the wind howled angrily. The sky was grey and cloudy, the sun was now gone away. Twilight was twinkling in the gloomy moon, it appeared to be six a clock pm at night. Ivy and Ada two sisters were desperately searching for a place to hide in the old building, hoping to find somewhere good to hide where no one could find them. Ivy was now shaking with fear and so was Ada, none of them were powerful! At that moment the girls thought that they heard a lock and                                

 Eventually found they were stuck, which meant that there was no escape in the building. Suddenly the door swung open, just at that minute the two sisters saw a flash of grey appearing from the darkness, after two beady brown eyes, sharp claws and then heard a mighty growl! Without warning they saw what was standing behind them. A pack of wolves!

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