Polar Bear

Outside the thunder crackled overhead lightning struck miserably the wind was howling and the rain was drizzling. The sky was grey and Smoky Lexi and Lola were desperately searching for somewhere to hide. They sprinted in to  a old rusty building hiding in a wardrobe hoping to be alive when they emerge out. They came out and a man was standing there with a sharp shiny sword with a very furious face. In the building there were books and a wardrobe obviously, with a chair. Suddenly a enormous thing leapt down from the cracks in the ceiling and landed in between the girls and the man. It growled so loud the whole building echoed the man fell in shock but he was relentless and didn’t stop you can’t stop me the man declared. It went up

 and slashed a red cut on his arm “ahhhhhhhhhh!” said the man and dashed away. “Thank you for saving me and my sister” replied Lexi” it it  it’s a polar bear “ exclaimed Lola oh no gasped Lola what demanded Lexi it  has a  cut of an arrow what are we going to do. Now let’s not tell  anyone ok  or right SMASH what was that.

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