It turned into a sad rainy night with the raging wind slashing across the city and Adam hadn’t reached his destination yet, the further he walked the more it was turning into an abandoned town, and the creepier it became.

”Hand me that bag!” demanded a voice out of nowhere, his shadow towered over Adam and he knew this wasn’t good. Suddenly the unknown man pulled out a sharp, white, glistening knife and walked towards him, slowly, each step made him quiver. At that moment Adam dashed try to find a place to hide, although there was nowhere, except an old rusty house that it looked like it had been hit by a bolder. It was life or death so he darted inside and swung the worn out door. Outside the lightning bolted down and thunder slashed as rain hammered, The mist circled the house like the weather was against him. Adam was terrified for his life,  he flashed around in an endless maze of ancient doors.

”Get back here now, no one escapes from me!” shouted the man  Adam glanced at the man, he was grinning. He noticed this creepy building was really ancient, like made in the 80’s. The furious wind seeped into the broken windows and made an icy breeze along his face. The some of many trash bags were left here to rot, with a sound of buzzing bugs eating the rotten food, and a shadow that seemed to move itself that frightened Adam and pipes which were rusty and they led to nowhere, some pipes leaking with water and even exploding. He fled around almost having a panic attack, his heart pounding, clammy hands, terrified of what would come next if he didn’t find an exit. He attempted to comfort himself but none of it worked. Stressed, he was now shivering, scrambling around cluelessly and rooms became darker and darker. As he sprinted the walls caved in, Adam froze in place, it was a dead end! He shut his eyes as tight as he could, not knowing what would happen now.

”No one escapes me!” shouted the man, walking closer and closer. “Woah, um uh what are you?” The man instantly fled through the building and shouted as he dashed. For a moment Adam felt happy until, he noticed a giant shadow towering over him and a sound that he had never heard of before. His mind was spinning wondering, what would terrify a man with a knife? By now his mind was filled with horrible thoughts but he shook them of and took the risk of turning around. Slowly, the body emerged out the darkness, a massive tail appeared, one by one revealing each dry scale. A thin, damp, smelly fork-like tongue came to him, almost licking him. By doing that the he saw its wet fangs that were like a jagged claw of blades. This unidentified creature had not killed him yet, surprising, it seemed to admire him.

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