The Beast

Outside rain pounded on to the dark streets of London. Inside there were cobwebs in every single corner and a old grandfather clock that loomed above Philip as he sat on a rusty chair. Philip realised that there was a hooded man standing right behind him,he was following Philip. Philip sprinted as fast as his legs would carry him, he glanced at the man he was clutching a knife. Philip stopped there was a wall. The only way out was the way in. He was trapped. the man spoke.

“Give me the parcel or things will not be good for you.” He threatened. Pointing at the knife. Suddenly when all hope seemed to be lost something jumped out behind a pole and started hissing violently at the man. It had dark green scales and a fork like tonge. The man screamed and fled. Though Philip was so paralysed with fear to notice that it was a enormous snake but when he did he Philip realised it was wounded. All of Philip’s fear washed away and he slowly crept forwards to the snake and picked him up gently. Then the snake spoke gravelly 

“They will be back.”

Philip suddenly had the urge to guard this animal with his life.

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