The Mysterious Beast

Sally realised guards were chasing her. She got into a rush so she started to pick up a pace. Unfortunately rain started to hammer down on the ground, she got drenched. “I think I picked the wrong day to go around town.” Sally thought to herself, “maybe is should find a way to get home.” Just as Sally thought all hope was lost she suddenly glimpsed something. It was old, there was shattered glass everywhere, it wasn’t much but she was great full to find a shelter so she hid in there.” Well I might as well stay here tonight” she thought out loud hoping someone had heard her. Suddenly lightning bolted, because of that Sally hid under a table.

There were large, fresh cobwebs from a spider along with huge dark cracks all around the walls and there were many old dusty books scattered around the broken floorboards.

Until she looked back she realised that the doors had all locked. She was trapped!

She started thinking ‘how do I get out?’ when the noisiest roar she had ever heard hit her ear. A slash of lightning struck, Sally got frightened and hugged herself as tight as she could. At that very moment, a light shone and Sally saw a glimpse of large teeth coming her way. Sally shuddered as a long gush of wind hit her.” W -w-w what are you?” she stuttered.

 “That I must not tell.” Replied the mysterious creature.

Sally then asked “Can I trust you?” the creature didn’t give an answer, but shook her fur. It was some sort of snake beast Sally realised when the beast turned the light on.

Sally had never seen It before.

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