On the outskirts of London, thunder and lightning were both booming down from heaven. The rain was cold and damp, as it poured down frantically. It was 8pm in the afternoon, and the sun was setting. As Adam walked, he thought to himself “I need to find somewhere to stay, or I’ll get wet”. After 5 minutes, Adam found an abandoned home. He spotted an alleyway digging through the two buildings. Adam hid in one of the two corners and fell asleep. 


When he woke up footsteps were heard. He froze in fear. He felt like his heart had stopped pumping!!. Suddenly, the mysterious man spotted Adam… the man walked towards Adam, the more the man walked, the more Adam backed up. Especially with that blood dripping knife of his. Adam’s hope was fading,his heart was slowing down he was TRAPPED!!!. But he could sense something above his head, he looked up and saw two blinking, orange eyes. Adam was petrified. Soon Adam was looking up at a wet, black nose and two ears. In a flash the beast jumped down, and was one meter away from Adam. The beast howled AaaaaWwwwwOoooooHhhhhhhh!!! the beastly man fled as fast as his legs would carry him. Adam was shocked- who was this animal… and why was it saving him?

As the animal stood there, the lightning revealed more of it.

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