Apollo’s adventures

It was midnight; a cold breeze drifted through the room; the warehouse door suddenly creaked open. Someone was there, right behind Apollo! Shouting began approaching the girl. Her bloodshot eyes darted round the room like a  great white shark finding prey. Still holding on tight to the soft wolf’s fur coat she saw two red eyes staring right at her…


In horror, she sat up and saw a large, colorful window sill with silk curtains so expensive they looked like pure gold. “ Wake up, wake up” she beckoned to the wolf. “I have a plan.”


As he awoke, Apollo looked exhilarated. “See that window sill over there? Asked the girl. Fortunately, the wolf nodded. “My plan is we should sprint over to the window not letting the black shadow see us and hide there instead.” Apollo didn’t know what the shadow was other than red eyes but she knew it wasn’t at all friendly.


Just as planned, they ventured towards the window as sly as a fox on a winter’s evening and finally they reached the window. On the window sill, they shut the glistening gold curtains and peered out of the murky; stained glass window only to see something Apollo nor the wolf had ever seen before.


There was a gate. But not just any other gate, this one was completely different. It had no other side! A black gate but one side was a flowering field wonderfully blossoming but the other side was nothing. A shiver ascended up her spine but with no thought at all she busted through the stained glass window and bloated towards the horrifying gateway…

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