Chapter 3:the journey

Noah woke in a shock,he was cuddling a huge wolf.When he looked around,he realised  the symbol on the wall they where  still in the abandoned house.


The wolf spoke “we must move, I can hear footsteps in the distance.”Noah listened to the wolf and they ran upstairs ; found a good roomy hiding place;then the footsteps came closer and closer so they slid under the bed.


All of a sudden,someone or something entered the building…silence seemed to fill the room,someone was in the building.There was a flash of light;stomping echo;they were searching for us.Noah was determined to save the wolf,he glanced from a little crack in the bed and saw shadows forming.Shivering,he cuddled the wolf’s fur for warmth.Noah thought to him-self when that somebody left they would needed to run for it.


Suddenly,Noah had a vision;realising that where they thought the gateway was is wrong it was wrong it was at the the bridge at satin downing river.Where no one went because according to people the environment was horrid and cursed.


Noah took the wolf and said “trust me three,two and one run!”They managed to get out but Noah knew that they were coming…

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