Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Nova woke up with a jump;the lion woke up too.When Nova got up she could hear voices entering through a small gap.When Nova got closer she opened the door leaving a gap. Peering, she saw two guards heading their way.They ran to a supply closet and hid behind some barrels.When the guards were nearly in,Nova placed her finger on her lips to give a sign to be quiet.Hard stone voices groweld commands;the lion let out a roar;Nova jumped in shock.


At that moment,someone got in.There was a pause of silence Nova could feel someone listening.The light of the torch beamed like the sun’s rays;the guards searched. Risking a peek..midnight shadows moved. A sharp ice wind flew in shivering Nova hugged the lion they could wait till the guards left then carry on.


It seemed like years had passed but it was only 1 hour that passed.By time the guards left it was midnight now and it was pitch black.The lion spoke to Nova without speaking their minds seemed connected in sync as one as she explained she has to reach the portal. A portal back to her universe where she won’t be hunted.

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