Chapter 3

When Adam and the wolf woke up from their sleep, they heard voices surrounding the building. Suddenly there was a deafening silence. After 5 minutes of quietness , there was banging at the door. Adam and the wolf held their breath, they were waiting and waiting. The couple didn’t even move a muscle. Soon after a mysterious person entered the warehouse, all Adam and the wolf could hear was the clock ticking, a lamp getting turned on (tick) and a torch turning on. The weather was rainy; hailly ; and there was thunder and lightning. Inside of the warehouse there was cobwebs, and I wasn’t surprised there were even mice. While that was happening Adam and the wolf were panicking, breathing fast and their  heart was pounding quickly. It was midnight in the small, ruined building and the stars were shimmering bright in the sky. 


After a couple of long hours; which was actually only minutes, the guard left. Adam and the wolf heard the door shut so they knew the guard had gone. The two had a chat, Adam whispered to the wolf “ I think we can leave now” Adam suggested, Adam knew the wolf understood him. With those golden, fiery eyes of hers Adam knew, she knew. The wolf and Adam had to reach the gates, if not then the world would die and the wolf could still get hunted. The wolf looked wounded and weak, blood was pouring out of her they had to act quick. The streets were wet and damp, street lights shone bright. As Adam and the wolf walked down the path they saw abandoned, ruined buildings, the moon was silver and bright. There were not many cars nor people. Soon they started to journey on “ to the gateway”Adam and the wolf thought. But on there way there was some guards blocking shortcuts……

Could this be the end or will they succeed ?

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