Chapter 3

John and the creature woke up with a start. From outside he could hear voices. Screeching in his soft ears he could see a big group of guards trying to break into the warehouse. John sighed. He lay in the bed and stared at John with his orange ominous eyes. He put his finger to his lips to say be quiet. Sharp voices stab his mind; the octopus let out a growl; John sighed again.


Crawling across the dirty floor, John looked at the octopus and frowned he crept towards him sitting down, they hid behind a pile of cardboard. Suddenly, John dropped a box on the cardboard so it becomes easy for them to hide.


At that moment, someone entered the warehouse. There was a pause, a sense of somebody listening. The torch glows crushed the shadows shifted. A cold wintery wind howled through the opened door. Shivering, John could wait for the guards to go then they could go.


It seemed like minutes, but it had only been ten seconds by the time the guards left. It was dark now and in the dark, the octopus spoke to John. Their minds looked the same whilst he told him that he needs to reach a gateaway. A gate away back to his house where he would be safe.


John had an idea that the gateaway is part of the town walls where there was a huge rock that once had been fitted with a metal gate. Fearfully, he checked her wound. It was still bleeding; he seemed weaker. The town walls would be a long walk and scary. He wondered if they would make it.


John knew his family would be sad but he had to find the getaway for his friend he couldn’t even think about leaving his friend in pain. So it was that only the moon and the darkness saw two short shadows, a boy and an octopus walk through the alleys heading to the town walls. They made their way road by road, avoiding cars, trapped in a hide and seek game.

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